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Cast Bullets and the 300 Savage
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I' m using the same 311413 mold that I use for my 30-06.  I have heard a lot of negitive things about this design but it seems to work well for me.


I make my cases from 308 Winchester cases.  This photo show a standard 308 case.  Then what it looks like after you run it through a 300 Savage full length resizing die.   And, how it turns out after trimming to length.


My rifle is an old Model 1895 small ring , Mauser that started life as a 7x57 Mauser.  When it was given to me it had a 35 Whelen barrel fitted to it.  The thought of firing a high pressure cartridge like the Whelen through this low pressure action did not seem like a very bright idea to me.  The old rifle just sat in the safe.  Then one day I picked-up a 30 cal barrel blank off of ebay for just $15.00.  It was made by Douglas but somehow it was turned down to 1.045 inches.  A bit small for most actions but just fine for a small ring.  I had Mark Skaggs from Grant Pass, OR fit the barrel and chamber it for the 300 Savage.  I must say that Mark did an outstanding job.  The barrel crown is a target type and the rifle shoots very well.


The 311413 bullet weighs 173 grains and it's quite long for the short neck of the 300 Savage.  You can see how deep into the "boiler room" this bullet is seated.  With the long Mauser action I could seat the bullets out farther but I seat them to the point where all the grease groves are inside the case.  That keeps the grease from picking up dirt.  I don't think dirt and rifle barrels get along very well.
I have played with a number of different loads over the past few months but I have settled on 20 grs of IMR 4227.  I don't know how fast the bullet is traveling but at fifty yards it will put five shots into the small hole.  At 100 yards 1-1 1/2 inch groups are the norm.  This load doesn't produce much recoil and everyone has commented on how quite it is.

Average group (left)
A good group when I do my part (right)

The above represent 100 yards, 5 shot groups.  I really like this load!

Shooting cast lead bullets is a lot of fun and it's cheap too.